How to restart the vsftpd server again?

  1. I added the port number 8081 in the .config file.

  2. 1 hour

  3. None yet

chek if the process is running in background using ps -ef, if yes then kill the process and run the vsftpd again in superuser mode.

We add port number in the .config file using
listen_port = 8081

yeah, that is how we reassign port in ftp.

Done that. Now how do I restart the server?
I am using
sudo ~/workspace/QBox/vsftpd_v1 ~/workspace/QBox/vsftpd_v1.conf

Yet it is not working.

when write the mentioned command it runs a new instance of the same process, so make sure that you have killed all the running process of vsftpd

Remove the spaces in between.

Remove the whitespaces

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