How to post review to Qeats app

  1. My app is full blank. It does not show anything.How and where should I post the review

  2. I have spent nearly 2 hours to resolve this issue.Please help me out.
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Hi @loveenaw_1231
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I had read this out already but my order history is compeletely empty.It is compeletely blank.What should i do?

First of all make sure that your server is running first?
then log in to the qeats app with the respective credentials for port number and address
now go to order history, which is the first option from the right in the bottom navigation panel, click on one of the orders and you can now upload a picture as well as write a review about this.

If this does not happen, check the stack trace in the terminal where you have started your server
Look at what errors are coming up

No errors are coming up.

Server is not running

What should I do now?I am stuckup with it.Please help me out.

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Is something related to these warnings?
How to set the path?

Sir Please help me out I am stuck here

Hey @loveenaw_1231 can you first check your terminal for any errors , that could be coming in while your server is running, you can check it in the terminal,

when you log into the app and check for order history
certain stacktrace must be generated in your terminal.

Sorry,Sir but no stack trace is generated at terminal wile at the order history.

As soon as you connect, go to my profile option , which is the right most option in the bottom panel ,
if you have done this and you are not able to see
check whether you have made any subsequent changes to the file