How to populate values in benchmark file?

what am i supose to do here manuallu popilate the variables or replace the variables by calculated values or anything else need to be done pls help

All the instructions are given in your description, calculate the corresponding values by monitoring the vsftpd process and replace the variables in this file.

bro how you calculate memory part like i am getting in % how to get in mb

Read more on understanding the results of the TOP command , see what each column means :smiley:

thanks @akshay0799 bro i thing got my solution pls clear one doubt in the benchmark file i have to replace variable with values like x with say 23 y with 1 etc or something else need to be done.

Yes, you are right you have to replace x and y with the correct values

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Do we need to write our calculated value in place of x ?

Average time taken for Upload of 1GB file: (my calculated value) seconds

yes just replace values with your calculated values