How to monitor changes in cpu and memory most are 0%?

I am testing by uploading a 1 GB file from ~/crio-user/ftp_server to ~/crio-user/ftp_client. I never saw cpu usage of process greater than zero.
How can separate high performance versions?


Please run the tests with the other versions and observe.

I have tested all the versions, top command shows cpu usage percent 0 of vsftpd processes.

Are you looking at the correct process in the top output? Remember that child processes of vsftpd get spawned. You can change top periodicity to update every second and redirect that output to a file and check it out instead of manually monitoring top output.

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I had the same problem, you are looking at the wrong process. Just login to FTP and then see the processes.

I am watching
23261 crio-us+ 20 0 21960 2056 1852 S 20.0 0.1 0:02.30 vsftpd_v1
this process process.

Just try monitoring this one and check

I am facing same problem. Tried monitoring that process in real time every second still its giving same 0.0 % CPU usage. I tried FTP process also but its the same. I am not able to proceed further due to this.

Try to download and upload and make sure you are monitoring the process created after ftp login.

I am stuck with the same issue. CPU usage and memory alway shows 0 or close to zero. Trying to figure it out from 5 hr but coukd not solve it, somebody please help.

Google how you can filter the top output with process name and do that for the vsftpd process. Note that vsftpd creates child processes, so keep an eye out for all processes with that name.

How to know which child process is for upload or which child process is for download?

Monitor them to get an idea of when a child process is getting created. You can also install htop and turn on the Tree view (google how to do this) to visually see this.
Startup vsftpd, then connect from client, then transfer - monitor the processes after each step.

try transferring one file and as soon as you start the transfer look at htop output. You will notice something new