How to Inspect the ICMP packets in wireshark?

protocols shown wireshark has only NFS tcp?
how to reduce size of packet

  • Make sure you are running the tcpdump command at the right time. Make use of filters with this command to reduce your file size.
  • I don’t think you can reduce the packet size. Why do you want to do that?
  • Hint : You can use -c option along with tcpdump to capture specific number of packets.

using this to capture packet tcpdump icmp -w ping_capture.pcap

use tcpdump for some less time or use parameter where you can specify host to reduce size of your packet

instead of filtering the protocol in the tcpdump parameter, do it in wireshark.

how i capture this?

You just need to inspect these packets and record the packet numbers. You don’t have to capture it in wireshark.

The first column is your packet numbers.

how should i decrease the size of file <1mb

.pcap file should be less that the size mentioned in the task milestones.

i know my file size is 3 mb how to convert in less then 1mb

You cannot convert/reduce the file size from wireshark. You’ll have to capture the packets again using tcpdump and make sure the file size is less than the mentioned.

Hint: use -c option alongside tcpdump to capture specific number of packets.


This will provide some hint on to reducing file size by filtering for/flitering out certain types of packets using tcpdump

To know how to filter using tcpdump, utilize this