How to implement milestone 4 task

return portfolioManager.calculateAnnualizedReturn(Arrays.asList(portfolioTrades), endDate);

portfoliomanager (im not able to under how to make an object for this so i can call calculateannualizedreturn)

Hey @vaibhav98, Just see module 4 overview and analyze the diagram


You just need to see this diagram and read TODO’s accordingly.

Implement required functionality as shown in diagram with required attributes. In some cases, crio dev provided partial function definition/declaration you need to complete it.

In TODOs they have clearly mentioned;
// Once you are done with the implementation inside PortfolioManagerImpl and
// PortfolioManagerFactory,
// Create PortfolioManager using PortfoliomanagerFactory,

we have a method in PortfolioManagerFactory… you need to call that function in the right manner.

follow this thread you’ll find everything you need.

try calling the class where you’ve implement the constructor of that