How to get the time taken in millisecond

I am uploading the file using filezilla. But how can I get the time taken for the transfer in milliseconds.

Check timestamps in Wireshark to figure out time taken

what should be the format . can milliseconds be in float. because it is very low for me. also, should it include handshake time? thanks in advance

I ignored the digits after decimal point and used integer value for assessment.

And yes, the value will be very low for unsecure transfer, but will be higher (comparatively) when we do the secure transfer. That is exactly what we are learning here.

check your log to get a better idea

consider the complete time it took, consider time from start of file transfer till the end. It includes handshake time too (if you are in milestone 3, you’ll find that). but make sure you are considering it from the right port.

I am transferring about 6 KB file and it is taking about similar time in both transfers, I don’t know why. should I transfer bigger file?

size of your file doesn’t matter. check that time properly. you can use the log file.

you can make use of this option too
in wireshark >>>

  • statistics->conversations
  • choose tcp there.
  • column “Duration” gives you the info you need in terms of seconds. Converting it to milliseconds shouldn’t be a problem.
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