How to find resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0?

I Am Getting URISyntaxException and

You can try setting breakpoints in your code and debug to find which line of code is making your test fail

do we need to write any extra code

No, we get a walkthrough of how to set breakpoints and debug in Setup #2

but where to put breakpoint,?
is it a variable or expression?

It’s detailed w/ images in Setup #2, you would only have to see that

can you tell me which line number to put breakpoint?

you have to put a breakpoint in a line in given function with some code. you have to click on line number in left side of your editor to put a breakpoint. If you put a breakpoint in a empty line that will not work.

but there is only 1 line in resolveFileFromResources() function and i am getting error by putting breakpoint at that line

can anyone please reply

Are you able to print out the values of args[0] in debug mode?

yes i am able to print the args[0] value

can anyone reply to the problem.i am facing this problem from last two days

this the screenshot

Just to be clear,

  • You are able to start the mainReadFile test
  • Execute in the debug console, args[0]
  • But, getting error when executing resolveFileFromResources(args[0])


yes that is problem i am facing

We are not allowed to share screenshots with code.

Can you copy paste the error you are getting from the test report window?

can anybody please reply

Check the error by clicking on mainReadFile from Java Test Report window.