How to find resolved IP of google

the following step I have done to find it:-
1)start tcpdump with dns filter
2)then I start ping for google
3)then stopped ping and start traceroute and save the output to pcap file.
now I am not able to find ip of google

how to get packet numbers where IP address for is resolved.

is i am going right?

Yes you are going in right direction.

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thanks, sir…completed module 5 :relaxed:

i am also not able to find packet number where to find it

Is your problem solved?

no its not how to solve it

Once your capture file is generated, analyse it.
Filter for dns.
Now you have to provide set of packets that are involved in resolving ip.
You can think of set as: you are requesting for a thing and you are getting response for it.

where to find packet number where ip is resolved

Take a look at starting of this topic.