How to calculate?


In the QBox_benchmark file, is it okay to keep values in decimal?
and also the cpu % when searching for the value of “Any increase in memory taken by QBox Server after each upload” is 0.0 . So how should we decide the value for this parameter?

You can write 0 only. No special thing needs to be done for it.

but aren’t we suppose to calculate the memory. its all different values. but cpu is 0 for all.

In the QBox_benchmark file, is it okay to keep values in decimal?

The value should be in decimal if it is coming in decimals. For cpu % integer value will work.

make sure to add an option to see the changes every one second
also you might be viewing a wrong process
so use the htop command in tree mode(find out the option to do that)
and that way you can observe all the processes
also you can either take the average of cpu variations for a single transfer or take the highest values it doesn’t really matter much as the changes will be significantly more.

benchmark file is just for your reference to compare other versions with.
so you can do anything

So basically, memory needs to be calculated. But since your question said

I assumed that’s what you were asking about. It can be 0 after calculations as well. If you transfer multiple files and notice no/little change, you can write it as 0. Take care of units though.

As for CPU, if that is 0, it means you are either monitoring the wrong process, transferring a small file or your output isn’t refreshing each second. Figure out whats the cause and then search the solution accordingly on the forum.

As for benchmark file, you can keep values in decimal in it. It doesn’t matter. Its for your reference, to be used later when comparing against other versions.

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