How to calculate values of benchmark file for upload and download files separately

Could someone help me in calculating benchmark values of file, when it is uploaded and downloaded?
I’m confused with what to do and how to do.

Please refer to the following FAQ

@srilatha ok, I think crio-team @sashi_Crio.Do has already give you the hints ‘what to do’. With addition I would like to share some tips to solve this module. First of all read the resource material given in the module. If you think that those are not useful at all then here is your pro tips.

Tips:- use top or htop command to monitor the ftp server while upload or download.

Disclaimer:- Note that all of us are here to “learn by doing”. Make sure that you never copy a code from your peers nor take direct help. The best way is, crawl the web, crawl the and do it yourself. Trust me this approach will help you a lot.