How many packets to be considered for packet number for tcp connecttion establishment

I entered corret packets as there are three packets involved in 3way handshake protocol but it is not passing in unit test.pls help
@Kiran @Ashutosh

Please ensure that you have entered the right packet numbers and also in the format as specified.

If confident of your answer, remove the extra spaces/lines after your answer.

1, 2, 3, 24, 25, 26
I did it like this is this correct?

You have mentioned wrong number of packets in the first line.

How?? i have entered all the three packets of two sets of tcp connection establishment

You have entered wrong number of packets in this file “packet_numbers_for_tcp_connection_setup”

packets of only one set is to be entered or both?

You were on the right track. Enter the 3 packet numbers for one handshake.
The filename packet_numbers_for_tcp_connection_setup has a space at the beginning, please rename this file and submit.