How can I see my code of previous module?

How can I see my code of module 1 that I pushed after pulling the code from GitLab

Didn’t got your question? Like you completed module 1 and then pulled stubs for future module. Well you have the previous module code in your workspace.

I want to see the code that I submitted in module 1 as I am working in module 2.
Every new module starting time my code is changed because of incoming changes.
How can I see that old code that I submitted?

If your existing code is changing, that means you haven’t resolved merge conflicts correctly. There will be merge conflicts, because of incoming changes. You have to manually figure out which changes to accept.

I resolved merge conflicts but I just want to see previous module code that I submitted.

You have access to your code stubs - at and the login with the id you’ve used for launch.

I got it
I got it
I got it
Just typed that for fulfilling word limit

I clicked on commit detail in asessment section of previous module.
Thing that was confusing was:
There is two types of stubs one is reporter that is begin updated and maintained by crio and are pulled by crio-user before start of a module.
Second type of stubs is maintainer that is code that is submitted by crio-user.
I was going into the first one always so Could not find my submitted code. Every hurdle teaches a lesson.

Cool. Good Luck for future modules :slight_smile: