How are number plates mapped to integer space

I am having a hard time trying to understand as to how the two number plates shown below are converted to their respective integer values.

KA01BA0001 is the number of the 2,59,975th vehicle registered.

KA02AA0001 is the number of the 67,59,325th vehicle registered.

as according to my understanding
KA01BA0001 should be 250000

Can you explain your understanding @Apoorv_Goyal as to why KA01BA0001 should be 250000 ? What formula are you using?

KA01AB0001 is 10000th plate
KA01AC0001 is 20000th plate
KA01AZ0001 is 250000th plate
KA01BA0001 is 260000th plate

So according to my understanding the given plate KA01BA0001 is 260000th plate

@Apoorv_Goyal That is not the correct way of calculating the vehicle count. If you have pulled the breakdown stub then, correct way is given there as a huge hint.

KA01AA0001 = 1
KA01AA9999 = 9999
KA01AB0001 = 10000

From above you can see that for KA01AB0000 there is no count hence you have to take this into account and debug your logic.

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