Hint for converting the plate to integer

can anyone please give me a hint for converting the plate number to integer?
I have been trying it for day now

Have you pulled breakdown stub ?

yes but the hint for conversion is not given

@agentsam007 As I can see, there is more than a hint is given in test_reg_number_to_integer() function. Try to observe how that function is calculating the reg_number, you will see a pattern there.

they are for simple numbers but I am not able to calculate for this:
I am not getting these answers
KA19BC0025: 121947829
KA20DH1235: 129278306
KA98ZY9966: 662403720
KA99ZZ9999 = 66,91,73,076
KA51EF1252 = ‬33,90,57,343
KA01MQ1225 = 32,80,897

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