High_memory_usuage Test Case failing

I am stuck in Module 4 with one case high_memory_usage. I have found the faulty version and even though I am monitoring with the correct process and the memory usage, I am getting build failure. I have tried several times from last 2 days still my only case is failing. I have checked the name of the file, even I have copied the log file. Still wondering why my case is not passing. Stucked from past 2 days.
Somebody please help!
@Ajay (Crio.Do) @Kiran Suresh (Crio.Do) @Krishna Crio.Do

There was some additional character at the end of that filename. I removed that and the assessment passed.

Sir similar issue I am facing in file_transfer_not_possible_direction test case. It’s been a day and the test case is failing @Kiran

Oh! Thankyou so much sir!! It means alot!! It took me many attempts still I was not able to figure out. Thankyou very much

@Manishka1 your issue is different. Your answers are incorrect. Make sure only those file directions are specified that fail to transfer, not transfers that are slow.
Also, I see the filename you’ve used for increased_time_taken_versions is missed the s at the end and the file is empty.

Thank you sir! but something strange happened. My test case for file permission task and high memory usage task were passing and now they are failing.

There was a correction to the assessment and what you are seeing now is the correct result. If you see an assessment failure now, that means the answer you’ve written is incorrect.

Thank you sir! for your guidance.All the test cases have passed :slight_smile: @Kiran