In milestone 5…i am unable to find any version which takes high memory…either the memoy is constantly decreasing or remains the same…
any help regarding this?

If there are no such versions, create an empty file.

it shouldn’t happen as you should get atleast one version for every milestone,please look closely and be sure you are monitoring correct proceeses,
however you can create an empty file if nothing comes up

If you are unsure about your findings in any task, use multiple heavy files to perform whatever analysis you are running. That should give you clarity.

I am also getting either same or decreasing memory. What to do?? Only this test case is failing! I have checked both for uploading and downloading for each of the versions.

are you checking the right process?

Yes! I don’t know I am getting error like Network stream failing no more space left with a particular version. I think that might be the case for memory leak or something and that must be included in high _cpu_usage file but problem is when this happens I check for other versions, the versions which were earlier transferring file are showing same error. I don’t know which servers to include in the file. I am failing only this case. Stuck! from couple of days. Even when I get this error my workspace gets reset and all I have to do again all tasks.
@chandra-kiran_crio @sridherj-criodo @ajay-crio @Crio-Admin . Please look into this

I am checking vsftpd process for one of the version I am getting high usuage but still on submitting I am getting build failure! All other cases are passed. Also copying the log file

Make sure you are typing the correct file name…bcoz I did the same mistake
.check for the spellings