High_cpu_uses in module 4 milestone 2

I’m getting a wrong evaluation on Module 4 for the high_cpu_usage… I tried a lot of things and had submitted 3 times… with no luck. Could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Any guess?

Hey for this particular task you have to compare different versions of vsftpd with the baseline vsftpd_v1.
Look for considerable changes in the CPU usage for a version as compared to the baseline version.

Make sure you are monitoring the correct process during transfer. The CPU usage for a faulty version should be significantly higher than the benchmark version.

Hint: there is only one version which has high usage.

Thanks, There was trailing space in my file name.

i am having around 2X cpu usage(it is just 2X, not more) as compared to benchmark for some server versions, so should i consider them or not as i am thinking it is said it should be more than 2X
or should i leave it blank
anyone knows please tell me, i am stuck at it?

Make sure you are using right command and looking at the right processes

It should ideally be higher than 2X. 2X does not really mean much for small values of X.