High cpu and time taken task assessment fail several times

I already tried to count average CPU with top -b -n … or htop, after push, I got the wrong answer many times. I start over again several times but the result different every time I tried. The same things happen when I check the time taken after transfer. Does anyone face the same problem? How did you solve it? Can anyone give me tips or hint?

Your submission increased_time_taken_versions has wrong version names. Please check your analysis once again.

Your submission for high_cpu_usage_versions is incorrect please check your analysis once again.

In file_transfer_not_possible_versions may contain multiple versions, please check that.
These are some of the mistakes that you have made in your submission.

Please look into those above files.

Thank you sir…
I spend many hours because I thought it just counted when transferring file success

Is your problem solved?

yes, my problem already solved

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