Hidden Cases are failing

Hidden Testcases and Edge cases are failing.

Your EdgeCases or Hidden Test Cases are failing because you have either unknowingly changed your test file or you have hardcoded your values
When you submit your code for assessment, your application code goes through a variety of test cases. Make sure that you have read the TODO’s and coded your application accordingly, Understand the task at hand, hardcoding or changing your testfile might make your local testcases pass, but when your submit your code for assessment, your hidden testcases are going to fail.

If you have unknowingly changed your test file, you can go to your respective module Stub present in Gitab, and compare your test files present in the stub with the test files that are present in your workspace

For example if you are in Module 1, you can go to your Module stub ME_QMONEY_MODULE_JSON_PARSING_STUB

You have to go to your Test Directory

This directory contains the list of test files that are used for your local test cases, compare and make the respective changes with the test files present in your workspace

Re-code your application logic accordingly

Another possibility
When the tests are run, it runs within the same JVM. If you have any static variables, it will not be reinitialized before we run another test. The same variable will be carried throughout the unit test. So, the recommendation is, do not declare static variables in your class, that retain the state. It’s absolutely discouraged in java, and can even lead to major security in real life. Your application will fail in concurrency (Module 8). If you still want to use that static variable, at least reinitialize it while doing calculations, so that the results from previous runs are wiped out.