Having problem in traceroute file size

after collecting packets of traceroute command my output file size is 5mb i can reduce size but not able to do so after traceroute command

You are recieving packets from multiple ports which is increasing overall size try to exclude those port.

HINT: doing tcp dump make sure you exclude some ports. (e.1 port 111).

yes i have exclude some port after exculding those port i am getting size>2.

Try to use a file that has less file size and figure out how to specify the ports that you need to listen.

Hey @sandeep, You can be bit smart here. HOW?
Watch the size xyz.conf file and terminate the tcpdump when it reach <2MB size.

watch ls -lh

Filtering protocol and port along is OK!

yes i have tried monitoring that also but size is under control when i am pusing ping but as soon as i am i am running traceroute it getting out of control very fast like 5mb 10mb very fast

OK @sandeep , Well that in that case I will suggest to continue tcpdump without considering about output (.pcap) size. When you completed capturing transfer that file to your local machine and export required packets in a separate pcap file and send it back to the workspace after analysing.
Note: Save tcpdum output out of workspace as it can reach to 100s of MB and can lag your workspace.

ok bro i will this way .