./gradlew verifyMavenJarsCreated throwing error

@anand-crio jar and pom file are being created when we run publishtomavenlocal. I’m able to see the file. I couldn’t figure it out. Please help me on this. I tried all possible things. But still not working
If i run verifyMavenJarsCreated, the directory is only getting deleted.

Looking into it. Give me some time

Ok… Can you confirm that you havent modified anything inside your build.gradle except the changes required for this change?

All we expect you to do is - modify qmoney/build.gradle file inside publishing task. No changes are except in any other build.gradle. Please refrain from making those changes.

i reverted all changes and still the same error @anand-crio

Ok… revert both build.gradle to the state as in stubs. Then try again.

This is what is observed -
During the course of development, knowingly or unknowingly, new changes were made inside your build.gradle file. At both locations. root level, as weill as inside qmoney.
Please make a note that both of the build.gradle files we provide are complete, and do not need any modifications except the ones inside publishing task.
If you face this error, compare your build.gradle files with the one that you get with stubs. If you are not able to get it with module#5 stubs, check mmodule#1 stubs.
Worst case, if you are not able to identify the differences, replace the contents from the stubs. make the build pass and try again.

Some changes were made in the root build.gradle file. It worked when the changes are reverted. Thank you @anand-crio

@Ajaybarath Can you please mark it as a solution, It can help others when they search for this issue. I have also updated the post to add more insight.

@anand-crio I also face the same issue. I tried replacing the contents of root build.gradle file with module#5 stubs. Still the same error.

Solved it. Problem was in local build.gradle.

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