./gradlew test failure

Getting 3 test failures while doing ./gradlew test

As all build results suggesting to you that you’ve made errors in those failed functions or haven’t implemented there functionality.

please do correct the failed functions or implement their functionality by following TODO’s given inside of them, you’ll get the build success.

What are the possible errors?

@ritbikbharti please read the trace. The error is clearly telling you the cause of it.

the errors are about the execeptions?! so remove unnecessary throws

Unable to trace…
Can you throw more hints?

@ritbikbharti, ok let me give you some more hints.

Problem: The problem here is with your token, which the spring handler is saying invalid.

Solution: Just check the request that you are making using the spring Http request handler, outside of the workspace, with the link the API has provided to you, or you can also make the use of Postman. ( Making request using chrome is preferable for this issue ) , Or you can do it with Curl no problem.

The token you are using is not valid, check for it by logging in to your tiingo account that whether you are using the right token. If the token is right then look back at the url you are passing and check that if it is taking the right parameters and is encoded properly.

ThankYou everyone… resolved the issue, the url was taking incorrect parameters.