./gradlew build bootrun stuck at 92%

./gradlew build bootrun stucks at 92%
I am able to acess UI part using workspaceURL

It wouldn’t go to 100%. When it says executing, that means your backend code is running and now you can carry out the other tasks in a new terminal, or by opening the app in another tab.

Let me know if this helps!

Command [./gradlew build bootrun] are used to run spring boot application (which will act like a server here). So, remember QBox when you run a server in your machine it will just keep running never finish it’s execution(exceptions : interrupts and abnormality). So, here 98% is only indicating that your server is running. Than you just move forward. And start requesting your server as mentioned in milestones.

It’s not stuck, it’s working in the backend, worry not, and to access the UI
go to your workspaceURL followed by 8081 (yes you have to mention the port number)