./gradlew bootrun stuck at 75% and ./gradlew build bootrun stuck at 92% Can't acess UI

It just goes to 75% and stuck. In one Thread it was mentioned something regarding api call.

I can’t access UI .

Its not stuck.
It means that server is running and its completely fine

Command [./gradlew build bootrun] are used to run spring boot application (which will act like a server here). When you get 75% it means the server is running and you can can proceed.

Sir But i can’t access UI in case server is running.

try from the VSCode internal browser

It sure work inside workspace but outside it doesn’t it would be great if it works outside too

Can you split the terminal and try to the execute the python command in the new terminal in the same directory.
If you get a 200 response , your UI is up :slight_smile:
If you get a 503 response you can refer to this FAQ.