Got no new code after pull

After pulling code from gitlab I got no new code or new todo’s defined anywhere ,even I didn’t get merge conflict , I am unable to understand what to do next even I am unable to find content in the task bar , here is the screen shot of my pull;

please guide @AmoghaKS @Amogha_Crio_TA @shoryajain @akashchhetri @amanagar

Hey it seems you have some local changes made to your workspace after you pushed your code for assesment, you can push your code back or do a git stash, after that you can pull your stub for Refeactor module :slight_smile:
You can reply back if you have a problem

yes for the debrief I wrote some code to test those return value, but than I deleted those , okay will try it

If you made any single change in you local you have to commit your changes before doing git pull.


  1. Commit your local changes before pulling from remote.
  2. If you’re at the beginning of pulling your code for next module. Use
    git reset --hard

You can get commit ID from gitlabs
This will revert your changes and make you go to the previous modules last commit.

  1. Search files where you made changes and use CTRL + Z this is very inefficient method but you can try that. See left side of your window where directory structure is shown when you use open folder in VS code and see the top left corner box. All the files in which you made changes are separated and you can easily detect where ever you changes something in somefile. But I may take your time and it will not be efficient. Chances of failure is high.

above 1 and 2 are recommended

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