Got Arrays$ArrayList@59 size=3 in collection in debugging Is it still possible builUri() is wrong?

My all test case passed in the assessment of module 5 but I want to learn it.

I am getting Error: 503 Service Unavailable Provider But

I got Arrays$ArrayList@59 size=3 in collection while debugging calculateAnnualizedReturn() function
Is it still possible that my builUri() function is wrong ?

Collection gets values by getStockQuote() function that uses buildUri() function for making url

I want to debug buidlUri() function that is present in PortfolioMangerImpl file this but debug mode does not stop there It just tells test cases passed?

I have the constructor in the below given state.Could this be an issue here? Can you look in my code if possible that why am I getting this error ?

 // Caution: Do not delete or modify the constructor, or else your build will
  // break!
  // This is absolutely necessary for backward compatibility
  protected PortfolioManagerImpl(RestTemplate restTemplate) {

One more thing I have to compare between Current & Incoming changes just after I push my code to target repos. It should be happen after pulling code. Why this is happening?

if your test case is passing then your problem isnt in url. I had the same error, turns out it was a system issue, try contacting crio-member.

make sure the line where you put a breakpoint actually has some code written on it, if the line is black it wont stop there. You can add multiple breakpoints , try adding one to the line where you return url if you want.

It might be the case your builduri is wrong. Just put a breakpoint and see if the response is coming or not.
If not then build uri is wrong else there is some other issue with your code