GnuTLS error -110: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated

after changing vsftpd.conf file for SSL

connection I got the following errors.

I think you have missed something to configure. Please check your configuration file.

I had followed this article and made all the changes that required in vsftpd.conf file

Please refer here:
execute required commands only. don’t try to execute all the commands

Please mark the solution. it will help other to solve there problem too.

It didn’t worked
Getting same error

what are the changes you have done in conf file? let me see changes only.

first of all I extract the .tar.gz file to get new conf file and then I add the commands as per directed by above mentioned article.
but it results in same error.

then generate a new ssl certificate and key

Ok let’s try this out

Follow the same link i provided in comments.

now I am getting the following errors.

can you please share the changes in your conf file only changes??