Git push fail (pack exceed maximum allowed size )

Problem -
This error occurs when your commit size is more than 10MB.

Steps to check if the size is more than 10M or not -

  • Use cd ~/workspace/<username>-ME_QBOX

  • Use du -sh . or du -sh <username>-ME_QBOX and see the result. If the output shows greater than 10M disk space usage then this will happen.

Steps to solve -

  • Go to and navigate to your repo. Get the git repo ssh link.

NOTE- Login with your launch email ID.

  • Create a new folder in the workspace.

mkdir ~/workspace/online_repo

cd ~/workspace/online_repo

  • Clone the repo git clone <your_repo>
  • Follow the instructions in the setup task for this module.

  • Copy paste individual files which are needed for submission from the old repo (~/workspace/<username>-ME_QBOX/<module_name>/) to the new one (~/workspace/online_repo/<username>-ME_QBOX/<module_name>).
  • Check the size of the new repo (Go to ~/workspace/online_repo) by running du -sh . and make sure it is less than 10M.
    New Repo -

Old Repo -

  • Continue using your new_repo for this module and future modules
  • Go to cd ~/workspace/online_repo/-ME_QBOX/
  • Try to push the code :slight_smile: