Git pull failing

Git pull is failing


  • Go to [Use Google Sign-in], and confirm that you have access to the stubs repo. If you don’t see the STUB repo here, it means you don’t have access to the stub repo yet. You may have to contact us in that case.
    For example, you may see something like this:

  • Click on the stub project and get the git repo path as shown in the following image. You should look at the ssh repo path.

  • Next, confirm there are no typos in the remote repo name. You can easily do that by typing and comparing it against the repo path you go in the previous step:
    git remote -v
    You may see output like this:

If you see any typos, you can remove the remote repo alias and recreate it.

  • Sometimes you may have added a remote repo using git remote add command but didn’t notice that the step failed because of some reason. So repeated git pulls will continue failing. Or you had a typo in the git repo path. In either case, it is much easier to remove the alias and recreate it.
    git remote rm <remote alias for this module>
    Don’t worry it is just an alternate name for the repo name, it is totally safe to do it any number of times. You can easily check by typing
    git remote -v
    and confirm that the alias got removed.

Now go ahead and redo the git remote add/git pull commands from the instructions again.