Git Error in module 5 during push!

while submit code during push i get this error please help me solve this !!!

Some of the possible reasons

  1. Please check if the pcap files are within the mentioned limits .
  2. (Or ) You need to forcefully push

yes all .pcap file is in limit.

I tried push --force also but same problem still exists.
I also tried solution of this one Unable to Push for assessment showing "remote: fatal: pack exceeds maximum allowed size" but none of work for me.

Please Help !!

All .pcap file <2MB see below,

For few milestones , the pcap file should be less than 1MB.

Yes it is.

Is your issue resolved or still facing the same error?

not resolved yet . still facing the same error.
please help.

Please wait. Will definitely resolve the issue.

did this issue got solved? If yes then how ?
Because I am also getting the same error tried all solutions but not getting the error solved.