Git error I have pushed the changes without commiting it

Thats’why it is showing spot errors on different lines as in my locally changed file!! and whatever changes i am making in my local file and pushing it it shows the errors of the previous pushed file(withou commited one) …

Can anyone Help!!!

i tried doing git push but that didn’t served the purpose

First of all, I think it would be good if you just go through the list of basic git commands before rectifying your issue.
Go to your git repository on Select which repository will contain your recently pushed code, go into it. Then on the right side, there is a clone option select it. You can choose any option from the two (SSH link and HTTP link). Then you can do a git pull and copy that link after writing git pull.

Please let me know if it worked or not.

glad it worked…

Can you please mark the reply as a solution that if someone else faced this issue they know what they have to do.