Getting very slow speeds in Module 4 Milestone 1 in Transfer of 1GB file

Getting speed of 533.4587 kB/s on uploading 1GB file to ftp.


There are many reasons by which this can happen like faulty version, internet speed, conflicts in vsftpd.conf and because of disk space and max use of cpu usage or memory usage in your case this can be faulty version or internet speed check these things out and also try to explain question more so that we can get it correctly.

I am trying to upload a 1GB file for module 4 milestone 1 to collect benchmark stats. I am currently using version 1.

Ftp screenshot: (getting upload speeds around 1MBps)

Result of Top command:

The cpu and memory usage are also not that high. I checked them.

I tried killing the server, restarting it. Also, i tried resetting the workspace. But the transfer speeds are still too low. Previously, i was able to transfer 1GB file in 14-15 seconds.

Please kindly take a look into it.

Hey @anshul98ks123 make sure you are transferring file with .txt extension and it happens in ftp according to packet sizes and file structure as that you will see in module 6 that how file transfers in packet forms so as of now make sure you are transferring file with .txt extension

I tried that too earlier with a 250MB file. Then also, i was getting under 1MB transfer speeds.

are you sure you are using the vsftpd_v1 file?
Check this using ps -aux | grep vsftpd | grep -v vsftpd

According to the screenshots which you have provided, it is visible that you are running FTP inside the workspace directory.
If you’re transferring small files inside the workspace directory then that’s okay.
If you are transferring 1 GB file inside the workspace it will cause an issue.
So run FTP in ~/ftp_client and transfer files (get, put) to ~/ftp_server (If you’re transferring 1 GB file).
Read the instructions carefully which they have provided in the Milestone.