Getting error in the assessment inspite of everything working fine in my local system

Task qmoney:compileTestJava failed!. This task is failing in the assessment. But in my local system each and every test is passing and even the build is successfull. I am, also getting correct responses after hitting the api from the client after publishing the code to the maven repo.

@gouravsardana please help man…I am stuck on this since yesterday but can’t figure out anything.

We are looking into this.

Heyy! No progress yet…

Look @Ayush_Crio.Do_TA, i just solved my same problem and please let me know the location of your stockquoteexception file

stockquoteexception ? I have never come across such file.

Look their is one folder just below dto whose name is exception and you that file in it

below dto there is log folder

Ok then have you changed any pre defined method signature

Don’t quiet remember may be I have changed…

But I have not changed the test file and the tests are working perfectly which means I have not changed anything.

That’s the reason for this error because i have just added one or two throw exception and i got the same error

Heyy can you send the method signature of both the factory classes ?
I want to check whether I have changed or not…

Just look into your portfolio manager factory file you are returning the stock quote service and rest template which is wrong… you only have to pass stocks service variable which you have created after getting instance.

Return new PortfolioManagerImpl(stockquoteservice);

Yaa we don’t need , but why will it not compile even ?

You have changed the method according to this only and test cases are not sufficient to detect this problem

Okk let me change this and push and see

Let me know as well @Ayush_Crio.Do_TA

Heyy if we do that the tests for portfolioManagerImpl will fail.

Because we need to send the restTemplate parameter to the PortfolioManagerImpl class