Getting Error in annual-return-app

Getting a typecast error inside the annual-return-app
Stating that AlphavantageCandle cannot be cast to TiingoCandle
But I don’t understand why is the app trying to do that? Am I mistaken somewhere?

@anand-crio What am I doing wrong, sir?

Check the stack trace on the annual-return-app server. you will get the exact error…

Looks like the springboot app is expecting Alphavantage Service provider but you have configured TiingoService provider for providing stocks. Correct it to Alphavantage Service. This is the max hint I can provide.
I hope I may be helpful to you

is your issue resolved now?

Yes, sir! :slight_smile:
The issue is now resolved, I only needed to take care of the case, when the provider is null I needed to use the default service, tiingo