Getting build error in the last unit test in module 5

I’ve been getting a build error in this file with the following details in the log file:
abnormal_connection_termination_details returncode > 0! Check your code. Please tell me where i’m doing wrong

Same here. By the way in inserting the packets of the normal termination, do we have to insert the numbers of packets alone or the whole packet lines in wireshark?

Okay so i resolved the error. The error was that we dont have to copy and paste the packet info just the packet number in the line number 3


hey @Rachit_Garg @Abhigupta4981 which previous pcap file u have used for the mentioning successful connection according to point 3 of task

"Third line onwards: Use a previously connected pcap file for a normal connection termination between your laptop and the QBox host. Paste the packets that show a normal connection termination. " by previously used pcap file does it means any of the pcap file can be choosen which have been used so far stuck into this for quite long now

Hi so i used the one which was used with filezilla. Maybe the error you’re getting is due to pasting entire packet instead of packet number

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thanks for clearing that it is client_connection_file_transfer.pcap file,

@Abhigupta4981 may you tell what wrong I am doing if I am getting this message on submission
dfe7f4bd357d/ME_QBOX_MODULE_ANALYZING_PROTOCOL_SOLUTION/analyzing_protocol/ /divyashahi139-ME_QBOX-fafe9fa2-521c-11ea-bc03-dfe7f4bd357d/divyashahi139-ME_QBOX/analyzing_protocol/zero_window_details returncode > 0! Check your code.
2020-02-18 07:05:12,068 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE

As I named only packets with window size 0 that too in comma separated manner

Specify packet numbers (comma separated) in the first line.
On the second line: Explain the effect of setting a zero window size on the connection between the QBox client and server?

Make sure you dont leave space between the lines