Getting build error in server_cpu and server_OS

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    i am getting a build error in file and file but when i run those files they run perfectly. I haven’t hard-coded anything also while unit testing the test skips the file
  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
    (Please spend at least 15 minutes to resolve the issue on your own before posting a new topic here)
    i have spent more than 2 hours on it

2020-02-05 19:27:51,947 unitTesting INFO Running command_runner
2020-02-05 19:27:51,958 unitTesting INFO Module setup complete!
2020-02-05 19:27:51,963 unitTesting INFO Starting assessment…
2020-02-05 19:27:51,967 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-05 19:27:52,482 unitTesting ERROR /sam-gangwal97-ME_QBOX-9602f766-484d-11ea-9459-e1898477f135/execution_dir/ /proc/cpuinfo returncode > 0! Check your code.
2020-02-05 19:27:52,493 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE
2020-02-05 19:27:52,499 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-05 19:27:52,994 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-05 19:27:53,007 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-05 19:27:53,671 unitTesting ERROR /sam-gangwal97-ME_QBOX-9602f766-484d-11ea-9459-e1898477f135/execution_dir/ /etc/os-release returncode > 0! Check your code.
2020-02-05 19:27:53,683 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE
2020-02-05 19:27:53,689 unitTesting INFO Skipping module test:
2020-02-05 19:27:53,693 unitTesting INFO Assessment finished!
2020-02-05 19:27:53,698 unitTesting INFO Starting cleanup…

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you are getting error known as returncode>0

I have same issue.Help me if you get some solution of this exitcode>0

i get that but i tried to run the file using chmod +x
./ it works without giving any error

Hey so. I had this same issue. What you have done is used a peice of code that is either not installed in the bash terminal run during the assessment or you’ve used a particular command that does not work on bash. Check the alternate options that are used to run the same program on Google. You will certainly find something interesting as i did :). Good luck!!