Getting assertion error in tiingo and alphavantage test file at the line:- List<String> propertyKeyValues = urlCaptor.getAllValues();"

What i have tried
convierting string to URI and passing it into getForObject.

i looked around and find only this method.
but this is also not working please suggest solution im stuck on this issue for a whole day

Hey @Pallav_crio, Can you be more specific here. Attach the code snippet.

Ya @Pallav_crio absolutely! You have to get the response from the endpoint using restTemplate in a String object and map it to TiingoCandle[] object using objectMapper class.

Hey @Pallav_crio, I have provided the solution for the same issue here ,have a look How to implement restTemplate.getForObject with String class

I have implemented that but still it isn’t working

Please don’t share screenshot of your code.

HINT for your question -
Could you please check your mapping is correct ?

yes it is correct i cm gettiing desired output in list i checked it using debugger

i will keep that in mind not sharing my code

@Pallav_crio Since you are using URI in the getForObject, let me give you some links from the forum where the discussion was good and useful.


NullPointerException in 2 tests

Mockito is providing a Empty restTemplate

I suggest you follow the above discussion, as the hint and directions are already provided in it.

All the best :slight_smile:

im getting null rsponse in my rst template when i checked it using debugger but all other things things are correct im getting correct output value in candles list

i have tried using getforobject(string,string) too but still it shows assertin fail at mockito

@Pallav_crio, have you gone through the second link provided by me ? They were discussing your pointed error.

yes i have gone through

@Pallav_crio try creating the local Restemplate reference in that function.

i have tried that but still nothing happened

i have tried via both ways via constructor’s ersttemplate and via local created resttemplate

@Pallav_crio I found out one more link, hope it’ll help


TiingoServiceTest Fails when restTemplate is passed and constructor is not used in TiingoService

not working still …
well for noe i 'll give it a break i have tried countless methods tillnow :sleepy:

:smile: Ok, sometimes fresh mind works like a miracle :sweat_smile:

Thats why surely take a break.

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