Getforobject method in todo

as said in toodo

Use the RestTemplate #getForObject in order to call the API,
// and deserialize the results in List

is this getForObject method is supposed to be there in the file
after puling the stub or i am supposed to write this

can anyone check and confirm

i have pulled and kept both the changes incoming and current

No. These are the methods of RestTemplate. You just need to use them.

it means i have no iisues with merge

and i need to write / use explicitly those methods
in the main readquotes
is it??

I dont know about other things that you are doing during merge conflict but getforobject is a method of Resttemplate and it will not be seen in the program. You have to use it

You can also see the import statements

Hey, i’ve checked your code. There no issues with merge conflicts. You can proceed writing the code. Read the TODOs carefully. Good Luck :slight_smile:

thanks @Sakshat-Crio.Do

How can we solve this merge conflict.
I kept everything from the last program. @tijira
Am i right?

which merge conflict

Module 2 merge conflict.

you have to check which ones to keep but for most of the conflicts accept both

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