Get_tags_suggestions function

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    i have written the code such that the function get_tags_suggestions is returning the list of tags like [train,railway,metro,…]

is it correct ?

  1. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
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    over an hour …assesment if failing
  2. What is your hypothesis?

i checked the unitTesting logs and the tag list it is expecting it somewhat different from what the clarifai api is returning…so if the api is giving me different result then how will i pass the assessment…
Should i send screenshot of the expected tags from the log along with the one returned by the api?

Hey. Did you try using postman for getting the tags?

hey @DivyanshArya the API will return you the response you have to check it out how to convert or parse that into required format.

yes…its showing tags but not all of them match the expected tags

i converted the response into the list of the form [tag1,tag2,tag3,…]

You’re using the food model right?

yes…i am sure of that…my list is like [rice,no person,food,dinner,saffron,…

Looks like you’re using the wrong model. Please correct that.

yes sir…sorry for that…i corrected the model…its working now…

how are you forming your query can you please describe.

Hey, can you tell me how to add ‘data’ fields in Postman.

Thanks in advance!