Get command is working put is also working but upload.txt file is not transfered in ftp server folder

my get command is working properly and download file also transfered from ftp server to ftp client folder but
when i use put command it shows
227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,255,235).
150 Ok to send data.
226 Transfer complete.

but upload.txt file is not transfered from ftp client to ftp server folder

facing the same issue.Did you get any solutions to it?

your local and remote file are the same.
put takes 2 input remote and local.
refer this

on ftp go to the ftp server directory and run the ‘!ls’ command if it shows both file upload and download then you have done the job and it is ok.

Hello Haider,
My put command is executing fine but in ftp server it is not showing not even in !ls .
client side

server side

can u please help me to know where i am doing wrong

what it shows when you run the get command? and from which folder you ran the ftp server

get is working fine facing facing issue in put.


i am running ftp server from ftp_server directory

I move out from passive mode and ran same statement it worked