FTP works fine on Mac, but 530 from android

Filezilla on my Mac connects fine through FTP.
But on android I keep getting authentication errors. I have checked my credentials multiple times.
The log file shows “530 Login incorrect.” I have tried multiple clients on my phone.

Hey, Please make sure that the username, hostname and password are entered correctly, this error usually occurs , if one of them is incorrect.

So very sorry. There was a mix up between a lowercase (i) and an uppercase (I), and I was typing it manually. Thank you.

Hey can you tell me what username and password you used to establish the ftp connection?

username: crio-user
password: workspace password

its showing login failed, the host is workspace-ip and port is 8081 right?

Even I have the same issue, I am able to transfer files between ftp_server and client folder but not able to do it externally.