Ftp_server and ftp_client file gets deleted

my ftp_server and ftp_client file get deleted every time i reset the workspace or open the workspace after some time i.e when workspace url chnages

Only files within /home/crio-user/workspace will be retained. So, keep the files you want to use again inside /home/crio-user/workspace

Nb: Don’t store the larger files required for performing FTP transfer like 1GB in the workspace, it will cause your workspace to hang. This is because our data will be backed up into cloud and this has to be retrieved every time we open the workspace.

so I have to create files for ftp command everytime i log in to the sysytem?

if you want to keep them then create those into the workspace and if you don’t want to keep them or ok to loose then you can create them out of workspace creating ftp_server and ftp_client out of workspace because we are storing 1 GB file and transferring that