FTP is not responding!

I’m using vsftpd_v2 , Why ftp is not responding now ?

go to the destination and list all the files and check their sizes, whether increasing or completely stopped. This version may be a faulty version.

File uploaded in the destination : /home/crio-user/ftp_client as sample.txt…
If it’s faulty what is the reason ?

Please check file size.

72348416 ( Not 1GB ) o_0

@Yash1 This might indicate that it a faulty version. Go through the milestones and it will give you a better idea of this problem.

Bro @mukulvashishtha How to check memory usage of a process in htop tree view…
What I observed that these values in RES are not changing during upload and download of 1GB file … So how to take values like memory change in MB , also CPU % is 0 in all the cases.
Please help me clear my doubts…

Hint - Use the top command

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You can use top command to view the values in MB, just search on the internet how to view values in MB for top command.


You can use htop and convert the values to MB by yourself (manually or online convertor).

Regarding RES value, read this Average Memory Taken?

Bro I don’t know why I don’t have any confidence in this Module :confused: .

please check module 4 office hours video available on slack announcement.

Hey @Yash1

htop and top in batch mode can be your good friends :Hint :

How to calculate time in this case. No response as indicated in the picture.
Also there is no entry in the log file of this transfer.
But in other terminal when I search for that same file. It exists in ftp_client directory with
Permissions , Sizeof File and cksum changed …
I do realize vsftpd_v2 version is faulty but how to calculate time.??

Is it not responding or is it just transferring very slowly? In another terminal check if the file size at the destination is increasing or not.
Also, you can o through the office hours of Module4 for details. This has been shared on the announcements channel on slack.

421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Now when I download again the above message is shown…
Yes I have seen office hours.

There are so many faults , It is very difficult for me to understand the actual problem and put them in the file…It’s my third day working on this module.

With this error 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection the transfer has stopped. See if this vsftpd version fits into any of the faults specified in the milestones.

@Yash1 please note this. I think you have the answer from here.