Ftp connection time out:error

can anyone please suggest how to rectify it?

Yes stuck here only. Can anyone help. I tried chown on conf running server using sudo…it didn’t work

Is there any change that needs to be made in .conf file?

No i havent done any change after listen_port
Now i am stuck here
crio-user@manmodesanket:~/workspace/QBox$ ftp 8081
Connected to
500 OOPS: vsftpd: cannot locate user specified in ‘ftp_username’:ftp

Change your .conf file. Check for ftp_username parameter

There is no ftp_username parameter in my conf file. Do i need add it

have you guys solved it, i am also facing the same problem

is it solved because I am also getting the same “connection time out”

Did you guys find the solution for this?

There is no problem with that. Just run ftp qbox-host qbox-port , this again.
And are you using passive mode? If not go through that.

Yes , I have pasv_enable=YES

Is it showing the same thing on running ftp again? Try running it

yup, tried many time

Can you send a screenshot

Screenshot (27)

Use in place of qboxhost

Pls refresh your workspace and check your IP again.It keeps changing each time you login. @Pranz

did everything but still connection timed out.