Ftp connection Refused

I am stuck in module 3 FTP connection is refused. I try to debug it but fail all the instruction already followed and changes are done in the conf file

Can you please send some screenshots of your terminal as well.

yes i am having the same issue. is your problem resolved

Also see the parameters in your config file, such as anonymous_enable. You might have not mentioned port no in the config file. In short there might be an issue with the implementation of instructions given.

Sir, I have set all the variables, bot don’t know the reason for this.

See this link for reference. This may solve your issue.

Any of the solutions not working. Please take a look at this.

I am also facing the same problem, I entered the correct password but then also it is showing:
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Login failed.
Thanks in advance!

I am also stuck here. Any hints or help??

In the screenshot what i saw is the IP address that you print for port 8081 is but when you are using ftp command you are typing a different IP address. That might be a problem.

I think you may forgotten to start the server before using ftp. Try using ‘ftp localhost 8081’

same error connection refused

Still having the same issue.
Is the password same as crio-user password or some different.
Also checked another solutions, but nothing worked

I had the same problem. Is your problem solved?

Nope. Two days but no progress.

ok first thing have you started vsftpd_v1 ??
when you start the server then in another terminal write ftp 8081
then enter username crio-user(for those who have written ftp_username= nobody change it to crio-user) enter your crio-user password and the connection will be successful

Please disable these:

Remove these config parameters

If you are in Milestone3 you also need to change connect_from_port_20, but that is already given in the instructions in that milestone.

Please have a look… Now I am even unable to start the .conf file.

@Akp Try to change the ownership of both vsftpd_v1 and vsftpd_v1.conf to root and then run the server with sudo