FTP connection issue getting error "Connection refused"

I am getting same problem. It was working fine till the end of module 3 and I made no changes in it.

Please check if you have entered the correct password to start the server

Is your issue resolved?

Note that the binaries and config files from module 3 would’ve been removed and new files provided in module 4.
Do some checks before posting a query.
Is the server running?
Is it listening on that port?

Okay sir let me check this

my server is running and also listening on port 8081 but still i am getting “421 service not available error”

is anyone facing issue in v2. It is closing connection each time we try to get or put file into the server

Since these are beta versions, there might in error in some of the versions.

I don’t know why they have given such task which create a bunch of problems. I started 1GB file transfer with version 2 and it started taking indefinite time. I had to forcefully close the terminal coz I couldn’t cancel it and now my workspace is not running