Front end not working

I can’t seem to find from where this null is coming. My front end has not worked till now. Not even once. :sweat_smile:

And i am stuck at it for many days. All my test cases passed for my logic but my front end didn’t work. I can’t find anything.

Check you running server terminal you will definitely find some error message for which you are getting error.
Otherwise use python3 script to hit your server.

looks like null pointer exception, check out the spring boot console log

Frontend app is fine from our side. It might be the case your code is returning null somewhere. See the error on the server and use debugger and check your code :slight_smile:

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I have seen it already but i am not getting why it is showing null pointer exception at that point of code. I have nothing to do at that point of code. Can i share the part of my code here where i am getting null pointer exception, maybe then somebody can help me?

Please don’t share the code publicly. Check your builduri function. It might be the case that function doesn’t return response properly

I knew that mistake from the start and corrected it in the start. That’s not the problem. I am getting null in the file stockQuoteServiceFactory

The reason stockQuoteServiceFactory is returning null because of the if else conditions that you are using. Please modify your code. Then this issue will be resolved. Please let me know if it was helpful or not.
If you have already solved this issue and any of the replies have helped you in solving that issue, please mark them as solution. As you are in module 7, I am assuming you might have resolved this issue so I’m closing this topic. If this issue is not resolved, can you please create a new ticket and paste the link of this question in the description.