Format of file transfer fail task direction file in milestone 6

In what format do i specify the direction of failure in file transfer?

Just write a single line with word: upload or download, as per your observations. Make sure there is no trailing or leading space or line, otherwise assessment may fail.

still getting failure in unit testing

If you’re getting unit test failure possibilities are

  1. your observation is not right.
  2. twice check your file name (especially there must be no spacing).
  3. you need to mention only in a single line in which direction your transfers fail.
  4. mentioned data is case sensitive so fill data as per instruction
  5. check for trailing space, leading space and nextline

mention only once

or ex:

don’t do ex:
upload for v4
download for v3

(these versions were just example)
also see that you have given the filename correctly and no extension

What does the log say?

If it’s returncode > 0, it means that the format of file is incorrect. Make sure you are just writing a single line in file with no leading Or trailing space and no extra line or character. Also make sure the file location and it’s name are correct. Do note you only need to write a single line even if multiple versions fail to transfer file in same direction.

If that’s not the case, you need to check your answer and make sure it’s correct.

Let me know if it helps!