For uploading the file upload.txt gives error permission denied

sir I tried to upload the file upload.txt using put command it showing permission denied

write_enable=YES? Did u edit this in vsftpd config file

thanks for solution.
but nw I cant able to download the file using get command its showing the error no such file exist


  1. Did you restart the ftp server after the config file change?
  2. After putting upload.txt, did you verify that the upload was successful?
  3. From the ftp client, before get can you check which remote directory you are in and verify if upload.txt is indeed present in the folder from which you are attempting to download it?

@Crio-Admin sir in module three I have successfully uploaded and downloaded the file from the server.
I have all the things given in the milestones. when I commit the my code to submit the code.
all the three testcases.
what should I do now.